Love Letter Writing Contest Entries

TINTA, in cooperation with the UP Cebu Creative Writing Program, proudly presents “Love Letter Writing Contest” which encourages the youth to practice their creative juices by writing a letter in any form, following these guidelines, to their loved ones.

Here are the entries (click the title to read the content) for the Love Letter Writing Contest:


ENTRY NO. 1 – Six, by Wessui (UP Cebu)

The sender said, “It is a love letter to a girl whom I really adore illustrating in romantic exaggeration the things I admire about her and her effect on me.”


The sender said, “The poem is a dramatic one that deals with a hurting heart.”


The sender said, “The letter is about a relationship that involves no strings and commitment between two people. But they shared moments of intimacy that awakened the speaker’s love for the other. However, the person did not feel the same way and decided to let everything they had end without a closure.”


The sender said, “A letter of closure and of moving on. Because Valentines is not just the month of declaring undying love and affection.”


The sender said, “The letter is address to a person who was the sender’s first love. The content is about a moment when the sender saw her first love again, by coincidence. It also shows her past, present, and future feelings toward that person.”


The sender said, “My letter is addressed to someone I don’t know yet and the author is also non-existent. Probably, these two are just thoughts waiting to exist when they finally meet one day because fate or probably love, will bind them together. The author writes metaphors and describes some body parts of the receiver with admiration and love as the letter progresses.”


The sender said, “It’s about a boy enumerating in the letter how he fell in love with his girl. How he would never forget every moment with the girl.”

entry no. 8 – love letter, by city (velez)

The sender said, “Something that “never existed”, existed once. :)”

entry no. 9 – love letter, by supalpal (UP CEBU)

The sender said, “Ps iloveyou drabble \m/”

entry no. 10 – love letter, by a (UP CEBU)

The sender said, “Sometimes I hope we’d never met. Other times I wish we’d never part. Sometimes I think I’m not in love. Other times I think you’ve stolen my whole heart. Sometimes I hope you’d never know. Other times I hope to make you see. That I could be the lyrics and you could be the melody.”

entry no. 11 – love letter, by GUgma@work (USC)

The sender said, “It is a love letter for his girlfriend reminiscing their valentine’s date in their four years of relationship until in the latter part of the story reveals why they parted. His girlfriend died due to cancer.”

entry no. 12 – unknown, by 201035310 (UP CEBU)

The sender said, “A reflection of the things I have realized about love in the past years.”

entry no. 13 – love letter, by lin (velez)

The sender said, “This is a narration of one of my recent relationship with a boy. It was beautiful; something that I wanted to happen but never really thought that it would. In it are the reasons or situations that had me fall for him and the effects it had on me when it was over. The flow goes like this: falling in, falling out, and stages of moving on. Doubting, doubting, doubting the truth of the events. The transition between these events is the mini poems that I placed. I love the idea actually. The poems would somehow give the reader an idea of what will happen, without me actually writing a lengthy paragraph. And if one cannot see the connection, I think it would make them confused and would find the write-up sort of jumpy. I just wanted to write this down because … I never actually got myself to pour it out on paper.”

entry no. 14 – foretold, by timoysu (up cebu)

The sender said, “Better read the letter.”

entry no. 15 – to mr. el, by ms. elle (usjr)

The sender said, “Ang usa ka sulat sa kada adlaw, makapabuhi sa kasing-kasing na nagmingaw. Kung ang gugma putli ug limpyo, angay kining barugan. Kini usab lig-onon sa mga ginagmay pero bililhon nga mga butang sama sa usa ka sulat; ug sa mga pulong niini na makahatag ug kalipay ug makapawala sa kagul-anan.”

entry no. 16 – to the emotion, by Alsteine the Tiny Tootums (UP CEBU)

The sender said, “A sardonic letter to love on the day it rampages the global market and infests everyone’s teensy little hearts. Because love deserves a letter on its day for all it does to us.”

entry no. 17 – A letter to elise, by rapi sescon (Up cebu)

The sender said, “A letter of passionate loving. And turtles dying. But I liked turtles.”

entry no. 18 – love letter, by apple e. yen (up cebu)

The sender said, “A love found and a love “lost.”

entry no. 19 – a love letter to a shattered heart, by x (up cebu)

The sender said, “A love letter to a shattered heart, for it to be pieced up together.”

entry no. 20 – hey you, by ComSci Dude Who Likes To Write (up cebu)

The sender said, “It’s a love letter by a guy to a girl.”

entry no. 21 – love letter, by chubz (up cebu)

The sender said, “Dedicated to my crush since I was in 3rd year high school.”

entry no. 22 – read my first words, by twiddledee (up cebu)

The sender said, “The letter was “written” by a dying woman, and is addressed to her best friend. In the surface it seems like an ordinary letter expressing her platonic love to her male best friend and at the same time a farewell. However, if you try to understand the letter a little better, and if you try to notice the weird sentence construction and obvious grammatical error you’ll find out that she has feelings that’s more than just friendship. Note: Read the first words in every line.

entry no. 23 – pahalipay, by Juan Dila Krus XXY Klinefelter (UP CEBU)

The sender said, “Kinahanglan pa ug summary? Unsa’y pulos sa pagpamubo ni-ining sulat ko alang kanimo kung mismong gugma dila makab-ot? Mananom na lang ko’g paliya!”

entry no. 24 – love letter, by MyNameIsSmile (UP cebu)

The sender said, “Ang sulat ay para kay  “sir” na ilang taong hinintay at minahal ni “maam”. Ngunit sa tagal ng panahon, napagtanto ni “maam” na hindi niya kailangang maghintay at masaktan. Kaya ngayon pinili niyang palayain ang kanyang sarili sa pamamagitan ng paglimot sa damdaming inilaan niya kay “sir”.”

entry no. 25 – love ya, dad!, by kalay (up cebu)

The sender said, “This is a poem dedicated to the bravest man I know, my dad (who, by the way, is afraid of cockroaches, though he will never admit to that). I wrote this poem in the hope that my dad will see how much his children appreciate him: his love, his hard work, and his funny side comments about everything and everyone. “

entry no. 26 – if i have waited, by eleven (up cebu)

The sender said, “It’s full of ‘what ifs’. It’s full of what-could-have-beens. The poem is basically about a girl asking what could have happened is she’d waited a little longer for her love to come, to finally notice her, to finally realize what he is for her.”

entry no. 27 – i’d like to say that, by Raehl Crash (UP CEbu)

The sender said, “I guess it’s an ode to the experience of having your first crush. The obsession you develop. The certainty that what you feel is love. The rush of the whole thing.May or may not be inspired by the movie Flipped.”

entry no. 28 – dearest you, by me2you (up cebu)

The sender said, “It’s actually a cathartic letter that lets out as anonymously as possible “disturbing” feelings.”

entry no. 29 – candid, by aphrodite (up cebu)

The sender said, “It’s actually a cathartic letter that lets out as anonymously as possible “disturbing” feelings.”

entry no. 30 – love letter, by elie (up cebu)

The sender said, “Despite the guy’s imperfections, the sender still loves him with fervent intensity. This, I think, is the true manifestation of love: the ability to see through flaws and accept the person for who he/she really is. ”

entry no. 31 – love letter, by fedora hat (up cebu)

The sender said, “It’s a letter addressed to people who feel like they are lonely just because they don’t have significant others in their lives.”

entry no. 32 – my dearest one, by thegreendust (usc)

The sender said, “This is a love letter for him.”




The sender said, “This is a letter of love.”

guest no. 2 – love letter, by mentos

The sender said, “Dili kini love letter. Promise.”

guest no. 3 – ang crush kong si jobim, by val

The sender said, “Tungkol po ito sa crush kong si Jobim at kahilingan ko balang araw.”

guest no. 4 – i’m sorry, by ms. elle

The sender said, “Ang poem nga akong nabuhat last year, mahitungod sa isa ka babaye nga close kayo naku. Kana ganing sobrang sweet na gane kay mu pero dili mu uyab. Murag kanang sa salida ba, kwartaan siya nya pobre ka, brayt siya nya average raka. Feel naku dili me bagay kay murag taas ra kayo siya, langit nya ako yuta ra, aw LAPOK jud! HAHAH. 😀 So sa poem nga ako nabuhat, bisag dili kayo nindot atleast kinasing-kasing jud nga nkabuhat ko, ang thought kay murag nag-sorry ko niya tungod kay para nako dli me bagay kay taas ra kayo siya!”

guest no. 5 – seatmate, by iridescence96

The sender said, “Hey, you. Let me tell you about the years that has gone by.”

guest no. 6 – to awesome, by iamblue

The sender said, “A goodbye type of love letter to someone whom I loved for a long time.”


TINTA continues to accept entries until February 14 17 (Sunday), 11:59 PM.

For interested letter senders who want to express their feelings but are not college students in Cebu City nor enrolled this semester (or simply does not want to join but willing to share one’s work), you are welcome to be a GUEST SENDER for the contest and, if decided by the organization due to the merits of the work, may still win awards.


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