Ang Nagpaparaya’y Nasasaktan Din

(Filipino Poetry by Kristian Jacob Abad Lora)

Matagal-tagal na rin mula nang ako’y huling nakapagsulat ng tula dahil sa sobrang busy ko. Yesterday, I found the time to write this post-Valentine “bitter” poem, ika nga nila. I was listening to a post-Valentine acoustic fab at the SM Northwing while waiting for my phone to be completely repaired. Many of the songs performed were so melancholic that I was able to reminisce my sad love story these days and even in my past. Ang tulang ito’y para sa lahat ng mga laging nagpaparaya para sa ikaliligaya ng iba.*Credits to Warner Bros for the background pic. On the photo is a scene of Eponine (Samantha Barks) singing “On My Own”. Eponine has become an icon of “friendzoned people” these days. But beyond that is Eponine’s laudable sacrifice of her self-interest (love) on Marius for the sake of the revolution.
(Note: Also published here and here.)

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